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Interview from Veil, Wisconsin’s Premier Wedding Magazine
Faye Mueller - Flowers by Faye

When speaking with Flowers by Faye about her business, it doesn’t take long to realize that her philosophy centers on pleasing the bride. She loves to be creative with her work, but maintains a modest attitude. Perhaps this is why Flowers by Faye has become a reputable name among Milwaukee floral designers since opening over 25 years ago. Faye Mueller, owner and designer, is not above creating a design to fit a bride’s idea or vision.


Certainly, after many years in the industry, her expertise is naturally sought; however, “it’s [about] what the bride wants,” she says. “Brides are very knowledgeable now,” Faye explains. She enjoys working with a bride who knows what she likes and the style she prefers, but she is more than willing to offer Ideas and suggestions for those who are unsure.


Faye handles each event personally and makes her brides a priority. “Ninety-nine per cent of what I do is weddings, the other one per cent is corporate and banquets.” She also shies a way from daily deliveries in order to devote full attention to her upcoming weddings. “I don’t do packages,” she says with a hint of disapproval. Faye sees every bride as a completely different woman with unique styles and tastes. How then, could any one package be right for any two brides? “Each bride wants and deserves wedding flowers that will complement and enhance her wedding day.”


One thing about Flowers by Faye that is unique from other florists is Faye’s personal involvement in each wedding. She arrives on site early to place all arrangements appropriately and personally pin boutonnieres and corsages on the wedding party. But the biggest thing her brides appreciate? “I’m with the bride until she walks down the aisle,” she explains, making sure all final touches are in place and offering reassurance.

When asked what keeps her going, she laughs, “The finished product,” she replies smiling. Her reward comes with the morning of each wedding day when she readies her designs for delivery. Like any artist, Faye looks forward to the appreciation from her brides and to the inevitable compliments from the guests. “You want the ‘wow’ effect,” says Faye. And she gets it every time.